E-Dragon Dumpling Bar Cartoon

A story of a boy, Calvin, and a dragon, Etu, meeting each other for the first time, Together discovering a magical world made of delicious food, Spring Rolls, Fried Rice and Soy sauce mountains, Noodle river and the majestic Dumpling tree. Here they discover the delicious Dumplings of which they take back to their town to share with their friends. Friends, fun and delicious dumplings, is what E-dragon Dumpling Bar is about.

Client: E-Dragon Dumpling Bar
A brand animation to create character and image for the client and their customers.

Programs: After Effects, Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier.

Design by Little Marketing Group and Sapphire Sheedy
Background, Character Design, Editing and Animation by Sapphire Sheedy.

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